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This page contains links to a selection of pre-existing documents related to gs2. These may be either

  • Documents which explain how gs2 works.
  • Documents which explain what gs2 can do.
  • Published papers about gs2.

If you feel like adding turning any of these into articles on the wiki, it would be very much appreciated.

How to add documents to this wiki

Sourceforge won't allow pdfs on the wiki (alas)! Here is the workaround:

  1. Download the SVN folder (using $ svn checkout <LOCAL DIRECTORY> )
  2. If it does not exist create a folder inside the SVN folder for yourself (using $ svn mkdir <INITIALS>)
  3. Copy your document into this folder
  4. Upload your document to the SVN respository (using $ svn add <NEW FILE>)
  5. Commit your document to the repository (using $ svn commit -m "Description of the changes you made"), note you must be a developer on this project
  6. Make these documents accessible as http links (using $ make upload USER=<sourceforge username>)
  7. Now link to your file directly from the wiki (using the wiki command [<INITIALS>/<FILENAME> <TITLE>])

GS2 workings


Layouts in GS2


Fast Fourier Transforms

Velocity Space Grids

Flow shear



Expired links

GS2 basics

An old training presentation

Be aware that things may have changed since this was written!

Transport in stochastic magnetic fields

GS2 capabilities

To date, over 1000 papers use or reference GS2. See our Publications page for an ever-growing list!

Published papers

Unpublished IAEA papers