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All articles are written in Media Wiki markup, which is very easy to use. The basic formatting semantics are on this page. Alternatively, have a look at the text for any page (by clicking edit), or go to the main Media Wiki help pages.

  • To edit a page, click edit at the top or the side.
  • To create a new page, you need to make a link to it in an existing page, by writing [[New Page Title]], and then clicking on that link.
  • Latex equations can be used: just surround them by <math></math>
  • Source Code Links are a very useful tool, you can put a link in your article straight to a line or subroutine in the code.
  • To make this wiki easy to use and edit, please have a look at the very short Conventions page before you begin editing.
  • To upload a file, click upload file in the toolbox on the left.
  • To link to a file, add [[Media: filename | label]] in your article.
  • Documentation in the source code is automatically added to the Module pages of the wiki - see Documenting Source Code.